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    Guild Application - Besthyun - Archer


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    Guild Application - Besthyun - Archer

    Post by Besthyun on Fri May 21, 2010 8:40 pm

    C H A R A C T E R

    - Name: Besthyun

    - Class: Archer

    - Level: 35

    - Real life age: 21

    - Aside from your current class, which other classes are you experienced with or wish to play?: I played warrior up to like lvl 15, then I stuck with archer.

    S C H E D U L E

    - Time zone: Pacific! West sideeee ^_^W

    - Average Playtime per Week (Hours): Alot, at least 3-5 hours per day.

    R A I D S/G R O U P S

    - Do you have raiding experience? (Y/N): Yes, in many MMO's.

    - How do you feel about being on rotation and how would you react if you were on standby for a raid or group?: I will follow the guild rules.

    - Will you sign-up for raids and attend to those you signed up for? (Y/N): Yes.

    - Will you be able to get a chat program called Ventrilo? (Y/N) Yes, already got it.

    - Do you have a Microphone? (Y/N) Yes.

    R E F E R E N C E S

    - Do you know any Guild Venom members?: Probably a few, I just didn't notice they were a part of Venom. I'm on Harold's video too =), I'm famous!! haha. He pronounced my game name incorrectly though =(.

    - Where you referred here by any Venom Members? If yes, who? Yes, Xanthia and one other person who posted on my guild joining thread.

    C O M M E N T S

    - Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm 21, competitive, and really enjoy video games. You guys will know me in more detail as we play together in the guild.

    - Why did you choose to apply to Venom?: I was referred here by the leader, Xanthia, and seemed like this was the most promising guild out of all, and really looking forward to having a great experience here. I also like how this guild is professionally monitored. In general, this looks like the guild where I can collaborate with many members for my gameplay.

    - If you had to describe yourself as a 'casual' or 'hardcore' player, which would you choose? and why?: Hardcore because I'm Korean =).

    - Will you use the Guild Forum? (I highly recommend you answer yes to this) (Y/N): Yes, of course.

    - Did you read the Guild Code of Conduct and agree to it? (Y/N): Yes

    - Anything else you would like to add to your application? Vote for me! I'm running to be a member of Venom! I'll give you candy and a pin to put on your shirt! =)
    Guild Leader
    Guild Leader

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    Re: Guild Application - Besthyun - Archer

    Post by Xanthia on Fri May 21, 2010 10:13 pm

    Thank you for submitting your application. We will be reviewing it on June 4th at which point we will vote on promoting you to member or removing your application.

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