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    Guild Application - Rebelhell - Bow-mage


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    Guild Application - Rebelhell - Bow-mage

    Post by Rebel on Wed May 19, 2010 3:27 pm

    Guild Application
    ================================================== =====================

    Read the Guild Code of Conduct and agree to it. (Need This ASAP)
    In the subject of your NEW thread, please use the format of "Guild Application - (Character Name) - (Character Class)"

    ================================================== =====================

    C H A R A C T E R

    - Name:Rebelhell

    - Class:Bow-mage

    - Level:35

    - Real life age:17

    - Aside from your current class, which other classes are you experienced with or wish to play?: I have a level 35 avian archer, and I am also working on leveling up my warrior.

    S C H E D U L E

    - Time zone: EST

    - Average Playtime per Week (Hours): Around 5 hours on weekdays, around 8 hours on weekends. Somewhere around 40 hours a week.

    R A I D S/G R O U P S

    - Do you have raiding experience? (Y/N): Yes, I played WoW for about 2 and a half years.

    - How do you feel about being on rotation and how would you react if you were on standby for a raid or group?: I'm perfectly ok with this.

    - Will you sign-up for raids and attend to those you signed up for? (Y/N): Yes, unless there is a big emergency. In that case, I think you would understand.

    - Will you be able to get a chat program called Ventrilo? (Y/N) I have it.

    - Do you have a Microphone? (Y/N) This is one of the things that I talked with Xanthia about. I currently don't have a Mic, but I should be getting one soon.

    R E F E R E N C E S

    - Do you know any Guild Venom members?: A few

    - Where you referred here by any Venom Members? If yes, who? Xanthia

    C O M M E N T S

    - Tell us a bit about yourself: Well, I'm still in highschool, so that is my priority. I'm on the tennis team at my school as well.

    - Why did you choose to apply to Venom?: Venom seems like a well put together guild that is ready for PvP. The community seems great also.

    - If you had to describe yourself as a 'casual' or 'hardcore' player, which would you choose? and why?: Both. It depends on what kind of day that I'm having. If it was a rough day, then I might need to steam a little in the game to let some of my anger out.

    - Will you use the Guild Forum? (I highly recommend you answer yes to this) (Y/N): N... haha jk Yea, I will try and use it as much as I do the PL forums.

    - Did you read the Guild Code of Conduct and agree to it? (Y/N): Y

    - Anything else you would like to add to your application? Cool lol! pirat What a Face Basketball farao You have some freaking awesome smileys!

    Thank You!

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